Deep in the lush jungles of Latin America, where the air is steeped in mystery and adventure, lies a treasure trove of stories. More than 5,000 years ago, the ancient Incas discovered the powers of nature by chewing on the leaves of the coca plant during their epic treks through these forests. Or take the untamed barons, with their fearless nature of boldness and boundlessness. Where hippos were part of their private collections of wildlife.

In the shadow of these stories from the lush greenery, Jeremy Vermolen created a recipe that reflects the essence of these wildernesses. A seductive, new beer that awakens the senses. This thirst quencher, with its low alcohol content, not only excites the senses but also provides a natural energy boost. An experience that not only transcends the rich history of brewing, but is also unparalleled of its kind.

Brewed with unique ingredients from the jungle, including the coca plant that adds a subtle but noticeable kick, this beer is more than just a drink to quench thirst. It is an invitation to embrace adventure, to explore the boundaries of life and taste the true flavor of freedom. With a nod to those who refuse to be tamed by the mundane, this exciting creation was born; Pablo! A name for epicureans, who crave a unique kick with a promise of excitement and adventure.

Today, as the sun sets over the vast wildernesses of Colombia, a global community of adventurers raises their glasses. So let’s raise our glasses to the unknown, to the limitless horizon of adventure and pleasure.

Do you dare take the plunge and experience the thrill of Pablo?


Pablo is on the verge of an exciting breakthrough in the beer world, and invites everyone, including those outside the target market, to try this refreshing experience with a kick. On to innovation, fun and energy!

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